Where is Palau?

Palau was long known for being very hard to reach, but it is also due to that remoteness, that the diving here is fantastic. To understand how to get to Palau, it is very helpful to answer one other question first: Where is Palau located?

nguoi dan

Palau is a part of a Micronesian region that contains over 250 islands. Palau is located in the Western Pacific Ocean and is between Guam and the Philippines. Despite its remoteness, today, Palau is more accessible than ever before with more gateways / international airports and more airlines servicing the island.


The small Island of Yap know for its Stone Money located in the South Pacific and is part of Micronesia. Time has stood still in this part of the world and the Yapese treasure even today their culture and tradition. Women walking around topless without a shame and go about their daily life. But Yap is also famous for its “resident” large Manta Rays and many other amazing ddive sites. Yap, Micronesia